Teranishi mini-massager Fighter-86
Hard & soft multi-head

Teranishi's mini-massager "Fighter-86"
is powerful and handy-type one.

Directly pointed shiatsu

Even if you use it for a long time It is designed to prevent vibration
from being transmitted to the hands to prevent fatigue.
Feel free to enjoy a comfortable massage time by switching
between strong and weak mode.
The head part has 5 sides, from hard to soft or even pointed- acupressure.
You can choose your comfortable mode for the ideal massage.

Fighter F-86 has multi-heads from hard to soft

Functions of Fighter F-86

■ Five effects with one head
Shiatsu surface, soft surface, deep hard surface, stimulation surface and hard surface. Freely handle just by changing the head.

■ Handle
The thin bottom to prevent slipering.
Hands won't get tired even if you use it for a long time.

■ Switch
The strength of vibration "HIGH" and "LOW" can be switched with just one touch.
It can be also used depending on the level of stiffness and the body's part.

Fighter F-86 massages shoulder

■ Specifications
Power supply: 100V 50-60Hz
Power consumption: 10W (HIGH)
Frequency: HIGH Approx. 6,000 /
min LOW Approx. 5,000 / min
Rated time: 30 minutes
Weight: 550g
Power cable: Approximately 2m
Accessories: Attachment for skin

Made in Japan

Fighter F-86 5 effects of multi-head

Shiatsu surface ● Shiatsu surface
Directly-pointed shiatsu massage.
Stimulation surface ● Stimulation surface
A massage that gently stimulates the surface
of the skin to improve blood circulation.
Soft surface ● Soft surface
Covering wide area at once. Soft touch massage.
Hard surface ● Hard surface
Covering wide area at once. Hard touch massage.
Deep hard surface ● Deep hard surface
A massage that relieves the fatigue
of the body's deep parts.

Ways to use Fighter F-86

Fighter F-86 massages neck


Fighter F-86 massages shoulder


Fighter F-86 massages back


Fighter F-86 massages waist


Fighter F-86 massages arms


Fighter F-86 massages legs


Fighter F-86 massages soles


FighterF-86 rubbing Massage

Rubbing Massage

Product details



■ Weight : 550g
■ Power supply : 100V 50-60Hz Power cord type Approximately 2m
■ Power consumption : 37W
■ Frequency : 600rpm ~ 3,600rpm
■ Frequency : HIGH Approx. 6,000 / min LOW Approx. 5,000 / min
■ Rated time : 30 minutes
■ Accessories : Attachment for skin

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