Relaxing soles
The legs are the second heart

The foot is an important organ responsible for the good
and bad sides of whole body's blood circulation.
Blood pumped from the heart circulates inside the body,
goes through the soles and back to your heart. In other words,
the leg's muscles plays the role of a pump.

A foot massager that meet the professional skills

Teranishi's foot massager "SM770A"
with various high, low, big and small protuberances
with tourmaline kneading the feet muscles and soles.
It provides the improvement of poor blood circulation,
the cause of swelling and dullness.

Teranishi foot massager SM770A

Functions of SM770A

■ Protuberances with tourmaline
Fully massages the soles with 8 left and right massaging nubs and large acupressure point balls. Eight massaging nubs especially for the soles give powerful shiatsu pressure, improving blood pressure and relieving fatigue.

■ Double-swing
Recreated the walking on gravel or dirt roads.
Deliver blood from the soles and back to hips.

■ Power level adjustment
Rhythm plus steeples intensity adjustment of 1-5 give greater comfort. Stepless intensity adjustments allow selection of the preferred rotation speed from 1 to 5, depending on the degree of muscle tightness and the area being massaged.

SM770A massages calves

■ Specifications
Diaphragm: ABS resin / tourmaline
(electric stone)
Power supply: AC100V-230V 50-60Hz
Power consumption: 20W
Frequency: 3,600 rpm
Rated time: Continuous
(built-in 20-minute timer)
Weight: 3.5kg
Power cable: 2.7m

Made in Japan

Features of SM770A

Protuberances with tourmaline ● Protuberances with tourmaline
The vibration surface that has various protuberances will do the powerful kneading massage of sides or soles of the ankle, calves, etc.
It fits for any body parts and kneads powerfully and effectively.
Rhythm switch ● Power switch
Easy switch with “ON” and “OFF” marks.
Power level regulation ● Power level regulation
According to the level of stiffness and massage area, you can choose your best rotation speed from level 1 to 5. Brings non step "power level adjustment".
Stand ● Stand
A very convenient body with a stand that is light and easy to use.

Ways to use SM770A

SM770A massages waist,back,and shoulders


SM770A massages waist,back,and neck


SM770A massages arms


SM770A massages hips


SM770A massages palms and fingers


SM770A massages hips


SM770A massages ankles and calves


SM770A massages heels and arches


Product details



■ Weight : Approximately 3.7 kg
■ Power supply : AC100V 50-60Hz Power cable type Approximately 2.7m
■ Power consumption : 25W
■ Frequency : goo ~ 3,600 times / minute
■ Vibration plate : ABS resin / tourmaline (electric magnet)
■ Rated time : continuous (built-in 20-minute timer)

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